Welcome to my wall lights in the UK reviews which I hope you will find useful. Picking the right wall light for your room is always one of purely personal taste. The decision you make will usually depend on the decoration of the room, how they match in with the other lighting and what lighting effect you want to achieve. This lighting effect is actually the most important of the three choices you have to make.

Sadly many people get this wrong or are put off by just the pure hassle of having them fitted in certain places or at different angles. This is especially true when it comes to installing new wall lights as that will normally involve some tracking of the wall.

The good news for those who do not want that hassle is that there are also battery operated wall lights available.

Replacing Wall Lights

If you are just replacing existing wall lights then you certainly also avoid the problem of wall tracking and your decision will then come down to what types of wall light you choose. There are some fantastic styles around at the moment and you have the benefit of being able to pick from a wide range of materials such as chrome, brass, ceramic, crystal, brushed chrome and many more.

Wall Light Bulb Strength

One of the first things you should decide though is what strength of lighting you want to achieve. The wattage of the bulb usually determines the power of the light but you need to always make sure what size of wattage your wall light can actually take. Many wall lights manufactured today have restrictions as to what size of bulb you are allowed to use. Just bear that in mind when you come to make your choice.

Best Wall Lights Buying Guide for the UK

Wall lights were designed initially to do just one thing and that was to enhance and complement the decoration of the room where you are installing them. Outside they have a range of other purposes that range from hanging on fences or for more important matters such as sensor operated floodlights.

To make things a little simpler we shall look at these two main uses separately to avoid and confusion and I shall begin with having a look at interior wall lights in the UK.

Interior Wall Lights Explained

You can buy these for almost any room in the house and even now they remain a popular choice for the living room area. Many people are also now opting for these in the bedroom and they look similar to the reading wall lights you find in most good hotels.

The important thing to remember when buying these is that you do have plenty of choice. They always look better if the material matches your main lighting and as that will add to the overall impression of the room.

They come as single lights, double lights, with glass covers, ceramic covers and in all types of materials. I have included just a few examples below to give you an idea of the many types available.

Examples of Living Room Wall Lights

Astro 0423 E27 Amalfi Wall Light In Natural Ceramic

Wall Lights UK 1This one takes a candle bulb (Max 100 watts) and is made from ceramic. It measures 320mm by 80mm deep by 130mm high. You can actually paint this one if you need to match the colour to your living room.

It is a good neutral colour so works well with most decoration in rooms. It can be installed using just a couple of tapping screws

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Picado Wall Light In Chrome

Wall Lights UK 2This is a polished chrome wall light with a very decorative glass shade that measures 170 by 100 by 180 mm and has its own switch. Personally I think having its own switch is very important as I like to control individual lighting.

This uses a G9 halogen bulb so will work with a dimmer as well.

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Two Wall Light in Antique Brass Plate

Wall Lights UK 3This is a more traditional double wall light and is made from antique brass and suitable for an older home or one decorated in a traditional living room style.

It measures 190 by 260 by 200mm and takes 2 x 60 watt candle bulbs

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Hopefully this gives you a feel of the different styles and bulbs available for a living room, dinette or hallway. Some of these can also be used in the bedroom as well.


Examples of Bathroom Wall Lights

Again I shall show you just a few of the different types of wall lighting available for bathrooms. You can find more bathroom wall lights here. This will hopefully give you an idea of the different styles that are available. There are more detailed articles on this site where you can find out much more detail.

Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror Light C/W Shaver Socket 

Wall Lights UK 4This is a low energy bathroom mirror light that also has a shaver point. Fairly easy to install to any wall but could not be used on a door.

The mirror is good quality and I think looks more expensive than it actually is. It is a very contemporary design but one that looks really good.

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Massive Aqua Ice Twin Wall Light

Wall Lights UK 5This will make any bathroom look great and is modern and contemporary. It looks like a professional job when finished and this is what I have in my own bathroom at home.

It measures 420 by 100 by 165 mm and is made from chrome metal.

It needs an incandescent bulb with maximum wattage of 40 watts.

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Litecraft – Chrome Bathroom Adjustable Wall Light

Wall Lights UK 6Has a chrome edged mirror wall bracket and the spotlight can be adjusted. It has an on/off pull switch for increased safety. It takes a 35 Watt GU10 Halogen bulb and is IP44 rated.

The important feature in this one is that it can be adjusted and I think that is very useful at times.

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As you can see these are just some samples of a wide range of great looking bathroom wall lights that you can easily install in your bathroom. If in doubt don’t risk installing these yourself. The bathroom needs to have electrical lighting fitted properly and if uncertain then get a registered UK electrician to do the job.


Examples of Bedroom Wall Lights

Armada Double Swing Arm Wall Light Antique Brass Finish

Wall Lights UK 7Beautiful antique brass light from Oaks Lighting that will make any bedroom look great. It has a bronze finish and can handle up to 60 Watts which is more than enough for bedroom lighting. I like the way the arm swivels and has its own individual switch.

Also comes in a brass finish.

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Wall Lights UK 8One for the kid’s rooms here and a popular choice for many people. Highly popular for nurseries or any child’s room and most importantly it is tamper proof.

They use a chandelier E14 bulb with a maximum wattage of 25 so the light is low. These wall lights are widely available in the UK.

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Astro 0400 E14 Manerbio Wall Light

Wall Lights UK 9For the more sophisticated and traditional home and I think for all people who like to read in bed. It has a beautiful walnut finish and can work off a dimmer.

It comes with a 5-year guarantee and takes up to a 60 Watt E14 bulb.

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Exterior Wall Lights

I have done an entire page of great reviews on these so if you are interested in finding out about those then please click this link on outdoor wall lights and read those reviews. There are just to many options to explain on this page and they require a lot more detail.


Hopefully that gives you an idea of the wide range of wall lights in the UK that are available and at really great prices. As you know new wall lights are coming out all the time by existing and new manufacturers. I will continue to update the site with any good ones that I find.

Please feel free to add any comments you may have below and share your thoughts and knowledge.